Your health systems include a package and personalized program to support you to BECOME YOUR PERSONAL BEST. Health is achieved by harmonizing THE BODY, MIND and SPIRIT. I can help you rebuild your health and fitness needs.


jazzercise   7 classes per week.














9:00 AM

Wellington Hall


6:30 PM

North Ridge Fitness Centre

6:15 PM

Wellington Hall

9:00 AM

Wellington Hall

5:30 PM

Wellington Hall

9:00 AM

Wellington Hall

9:00 AM

Wellington Hall / Metral Drive






Wellington Hall


Northridge Fitness Centre
3922 Corunna Ave., Nanaimo  

5800 Turner Rd Nanaimo 




12 months: $45 / month

6 months: $50 / month

2 months: $60 / month

10 class punch card: $89

Students: $25 / month (2 month minimum)


all services are non-transferable and non-refundable


Another happy Customer:

Just came home from Jazzercise and can’t tell you how good i feel.I thought i was going to need bladder surgery,but that ping thing Germana Rovinelli talks about really works!! I have no issues any more.And i am loving how my body has transformed over this year with out surgery.The music,the clients all singing through class is a real eye opener to how happy these long term people are.It keeps your brain sharp too by concentrating on the next move.I highly recommend this lively and fun class to every one!! I LOVE it.Kathy McDonald