August 29, 2014

We have 7 classes a week 

Monday Wednesday Friday 9 am at Wellington Hall 3922 Corunna Ave

Monday 530 pm  Tuesday Thursday 630 pm Saturday 9 am at Nanaimo Ecumenical Centre 6234 Sparton RD 

This workout program, which offers a fusion of jazz dance, resistance training, Pilates, yoga, and cardio box movements, has positively affected millions of people worldwide.

Benefits include increased cardiovascular endurance, strength, and flexibility, as well as an overall feel good factor. The international franchise business hosts a network of 7,500 instructors teaching more than 32,000 classes weekly in 32 countries.

Dance is proven to keep your brain & body young!

  • Jazzercise was the first to insist that exercise can and should be fun.
  • The first program to train and certify instructors, Jazzercise created the first industry teaching standards and held the first instructor conventions.
  • Jazzercise instructors were the first to utilize pre-existing public facilities for classes such as Y's and community centers.
  • Jazzercise was the first to offer low-impact and other less strenuous options to exercisers.
  • Jazzercise pioneered the use of videotapes for instructor training.
  • Jazzercise produced the first aerobic dance exercise albums. Those albums achieved gold and platinum status.
  • First to organize large-scale dance-a-thons for charity organizations.
  • The first aerobic dance organization to perform in large-scale public events.
  • Jazzercise is the first aerobics program to host an international convention bringing together instructors and customers for a celebration of dance, fitness, beauty and fun.
  • The first to develop a computer safety program, CyberStretch by Jazzercise, which demonstrates effective stretching and stress-relieving techniques designed to prevent problems such as repetitive stress injuries.
Jazzercise - it shows


The original dance exercise phenomenon! Each 60-minute workout burns 600 calories

Jazzercise blends dance and muscle toning movements choreographed to today's hottest music, including Top 40, jazz, country, funk, and classics. Our instructors make all the routines fun and easy-to-follow. Every class includes a gentle warm up, 30-minute aerobic workout, muscle toning and strengthening segment with weights, and a stretch finale.

Jazzercise Circuit Training Saturday 

Featuring a proven combination of aerobic exercise and strength training with weights, resistance tubes, and balls, this Jazzercise workout covers all the fitness bases as you cross train your way to a fit and fabulous look.

We Currently have 7 classes week! 


12 month option

·  $44.80/monthwith 12 month minimum 

·  Total Savings: $164.40

6 month option

·  $50.40/monthwith 6 month minimum

·  Total Savings: $43.60

2 month option

·  $56.00/month + $40.00

with  2 month minimum

Drop in

$ 15.00 / day pass

10 class punch card

·   $ 112.00

Expires in three months




Hi Germana,
It's Jean here....back in Alberta again after my 2 mths in Nanaimo. I didn't get chance to say goodbye and thanks so much for the great classes...I had to leave suddenly! 
I just came back from my first Jazzercise class in Calgary and it was terrible! The regular instructor is away and the substitute was a dead loss after the caliber of classes I'm used to with you and also Sally's classes in Grand Forks where I stopped off on my way home. Maybe I should move to Nanaimo just for the Jazzercise eh?
You guys are so good at motivating the class...keep up the good work and if I come out again I'll be sure to take in a class or two.
Thanks again,



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