Rest Regenerate Relaxation Class Jan 19th- Feb 23rd

Rest Regenerate Relaxation Class Jan 19th- Feb 23rd

Are you ready to (re) learn how to relax deeply?

Would you like to manage stress naturally?

End your busy work week with our Deep Restful Relaxation class that will help you enjoy internal calmness while you (re) learn how to create a Restorative self-care practice.

Learn how breathing exercises and techniques can reduce and eliminate stress. 

Quieten your mind and improve your Quality of Life

Friday Nights 5:15-6:15 pm 

6 sessions $89.00 before tax.

Call 250-591-5327 or…


Out with the old, in with the new!

Out with the old, in with the new!

This is the time to take a personal inventory of our lives. When one door closes another door opens. Think about what you want to create for yourself this year. Have you considered any upgrades at all? We get them for our computers, cars, and our houses. What about getting them for our mind and emotions? Do you want more energy? Better health? More money? Better relationships with your family? Realize that the outcome you have in every area of your life is a direct result of your core beliefs and self-image.




Exercise for Better sex at any age

Have you found that your body doesn’t function as well as it used to?

Has this impacted your confidence or ease of movement in the bedroom? Would you like to have better sex by learning which key exercises can make sex, fun and injury-free again?

This Program is designed to give you back what age and or injury may have taken away.

It is safe, progressive and fun. Pilot Program starts: November 17th -December 22nd, 2016 Thursday nights 530-630 pm Tuition $150.00 Per Person or $260.00 Per Couple Call 250-591-5327 to register Space is limited

2017 Series :…


The beginning of a brand new week.

It’s the beginning of a Brand New day or Week.

Our days are getting longer with more sunny days.


It’s the perfect time for a Spring Makeover.

We have the ability to transform our life in multiple ways.

We can deliberately influence and create change that improves our life today and tomorrow.


Our thoughts, words and actions are seeds (intentions) that we plant in our private garden.


We reap what we sow….

The garden of our life is our creation; we can renew the soil, plant new seeds…


Hypnotherapy resolves stress syndrome

Hypnotherapy Heals Mind- Body Imbalances.


How do you react to stress in these times?

The types of stressors that we experience are universal.

How we respond to these stressors can affect us in many very unusual ways.

The purpose of this blog is to give you tools at your computer to de-stress.

I would ask you to gauge your awareness scale it from one to tenOne (no stress) 5 (moderate) 10 (very high)


Do you suffer from The Stress Syndrome?Over the course of a few thousand years civilization has shaped us to…


Has the digital age hurt your health?

If I told you that, “Your health is the most important asset that you’ve got today”. Would you agree with me?


I know from professional and personal experience that everyone is essentially over-stimulated by the plague of the digital age. People are constantly doing multiple tasks; they’re tired of never feeling accomplished or complete.


The I-phones, I-pads, computers that travel with us are essentially preoccupying our mental and emotional energy (bandwidth) which leaves us tired and always waiting for that instant gratification of…


Your Health is an Inside Job

I’d like to offer a few “inner exercises” that may gift you happiness that money cant buy.


We live in a fast paced material world with many unspoken but very real external pressures and expectations.

Today’s pressures can feed self-loathing, sadness, addiction and fear that can erode the quality of our lives if and when we live externally focused lives.Many of us feel that we must meet societies expectations to look or appear O.K., this can NEVER work long term, as it leads to suffering and conflicts.


We may buy things that we…


Mystery of Hypoythyroid

Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit, when one is out of balance, WE ARE OUT OF BALANCE.

Mystery of Hypothyroid

In all of the years that I’ve worked as a health and fitness professional I have never truly understood how something like a thyroid condition could first of all go undetected for years (even when tested for by our current medical system) and slowly destroy ones quality of life until I myself experienced it.

If my story can help ONE PERSON get relief, it’s worth me sharing my experience, strength and hope.


A few weeks ago, I’d had enough of…


Tips For Future Fun

I remind myself that I always feel better after I do what needs to be done such as:* Give thanks for my life as it is TODAY, in this moment everything is a gift a blessing when I allow myself to be emotionally present without focusing on the past or my idea of what the future holds.* keep my Strength Training and Cardio-vascular appointments with myself during the week* Make Healthy Meals with leftovers for an easy quick stress free meal latter for the family* Take time to learn something new daily ( That can be a new exercise, or a new skill )* Make a Commitment to be a kind and…


Incorporate these five habits into your normal routine

Growing older is a fact of life. We all want to live long and happy lives, but unhealthy habits can put a kibosh on the quality of those years. Listen, I know that you are busy. I’m busy too! But living healthy doesn’t have to be a chore. To equip your body for the marathon that is life, incorporate these five habits into your normal routine. 1. Aspire to Eat CleanIf you take a close look at a carrot, you’ll notice a lack of an ingredient list on its back. Just pure carrot. When you eat food that comes out of a box, a can or a take-out container, “pure” is instantly thrown out of…