About Nicki

I’ve always loved sports and was very active in my youth but when I became a single mother in my 20’s I became unhealthy and gained a lot of weight. I was becoming depressed and knew I needed to do something. So with some money from my students loans I went to the nearest gym and hired a personal trainer. She literally changed my life. Her belief in me helped me overcome the lack of belief I had in myself. I was only with her for 3 months, and I can’t even recall her name but the impact she has had on my life will always be with me and I will always be grateful to her.


In 2007 I became a Personal Trainer through Canfit Pro and worked at Goodlife Fitness in Airdrie, AB. I met so many wonderful people in that business that the relationships developed with my clients and seeing them evolve and grow is what inspires me to continue working in this profession.